About Mike G. Cernovich

Hi guys! My name is Mike Cernovich and I'm running to be a Congressmen in Washington DC! Here's a little bit about me. I like to make health pills, I like to vlog, and I hate the Marvel series Guardians of the Galaxy. There's nothing else you need to know about me because I'm a nice guy haha :)

The Platform


If you know me you know that I'm no fan of SJWs. I think SJWs are plague to the globe and to humanity. If I'm elected Congressmen, SJWs will never be mean to gamers or veterans ever again. That's a promise!

Remake the Guardians of the Galaxy Movies

I hated the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. And now I  got James Gunns fired! If elected Congressmen, I will pass a law making Marvel reshoot all the movies with me as writer, director, and actor of Groot.


Look, he's actually a good guy.